Restaurant Profile


Restaurant Profile

Chef Wang is the owner and head chef at the Happy Kitchen. He received recognition as chef grade level three in 1993. He has experience working as a chef in different types of restaurants including seafood restaurants, Cantonese restaurants, and northern Chinese style restaurants. 

Chef Wang’s cooking principle is to use the freshest ingredients and less oil. In addition to staying true to authentic Chinese courses, he always keeps the healthy taste and fragrant smell of the dishes in mind. Chef Wang is a well rounded Chinese cook originally from Canton, China who creates excellent Cantonese dishes.

The Happy Kitchen restaurant has a total of five kitchen staff including Chef Wang.  While Chief Wang's main focus is on Cantonese courses, he also has a chief originally from Tai Nan, Taiwan who specializes in Taiwan style traditional dishes. He worked as the head chef in a Tai Nan restaurant for over ten years before working for Happy Kitchen. While the Happy Kitchen has southern Chinese dishes created by chefs from Canton and Taiwan, they also have chefs from the northern part of China who cook traditional northern Chinese dishes.

Happy Kitchen always uses the freshest ingredients and prepares each dish from scratch when the order is placed.

Happy Kitchen offers variety Chinese cuisine cantonese, taiwanese, hunan, szechwan, and northern dishes. It also has a large selection of the northern dishes including the most popular noodles, pancakes, pot stickers, different types of dumplings, and buns. 

Happy kitchen is a well rounded restaurant and has many different types of Chinese dishes to offer to the Newark, Fremont, Union City area in Northerm California.

Happy Kitchen is the most economical and authentic Chinese restaurant in the east bay area.